Benefits of Massage

Benefits of MassageThe art of massage can be traced back through history to some of the oldest civilisations, such as the Roman Empire and the Chinese dynasties. Its value in promoting improved health is verified by scientists today in the areas of pain relief, mobility and relieving stress. Our therapists at Melbourne Street Massage in North Adelaide, are committed to helping you achieve the wonderful benefits that massage can provide such as relief from stress, improved well-being and good posture. 


We all need some stress to add zest to life, meet important deadlines or "fire up" for an important sporting match. But, when it becomes too much and we fail to cope with it, stress can be detrimental to our health.

Ailments such as headaches, backache, insomnia and digestive disorders are all more likely to occur when our resistance to infection is lowered through stress. To deal with stress effectively, we need to be in control, and be aware of our levels of anxiety and exhaustion. Massage helps us to do this by teaching us what it feels like to be really relaxed. 


Well-being is not just about the absence of pain, it is about energy and enthusiasm for life. Massage soothes the body and relaxes the mind, and is thought to stimulate the flow of
endorphins — opiate like substances — through the body. In doing so, it improves our well-being and evidence shows that feeling good and having a positive outlook boosts health. 


Many jobs impose great physical strain upon the body: lifting heavy loads, performing repetitive tasks or standing for hours can cause muscles to shorten and eventually pull your posture out of alignment. 

At Melbourne Street Massage, our therapists will assess your posture and recommend a style of treatment that is suitable for your recovery and needs. Postural faults that persist can lead to ongoing discomfort, pain or disability. People tend to ignore pain when they first feel it, yet it is better to treat the pain soon after it occurs to help recovery. Maintaining good, relaxed muscle tone will then prevent further injuries. 

Food is our medicineFood is our medicine

Maintaining a healthy diet at all times is difficult, but if we focus on food as medicine for the body, cells, brain and skin, and feed it correctly, we can help the body balance itself. Try to steer clear of dead food or processed food. As our body is made up of approximately 80% water, drinking a minimum of one litre of water a day is also recommended to replace what is used by the body throughout your daily activity.